Baby Buggy

Sugar and Spice
And all things nice.
That’s what little girls are made of.
19th century nursery rhyme.


About the Baby Buggy

I decided to focus on this model this week as a friend has just had a baby, and it’s Mother’s Day in America this weekend. I’ve made this one from a one dollar bill, with using one cent pieces for the wheels. As the wheels are not paper and they are stuck on with double-sided tape, it’s only partly an origami model. I tend to be quite purist about what I fold, but I wanted to include it anyway because it’s cute! It’s designed by Dominik Meissner.


Folding the Model

I’m giving this an intermediate rating – not because it is difficult to fold (it isn’t), but because it should ideally be made out of a bank note. It’s pretty easy to make out of an ordinary peice of paper, but bank notes don’t fold well and the patterns on the paper make it difficult to see the creaselines, even though they do look good in the end. If you think about it, this isn’t surprising. Currency is designed to be hard wearing and it has to be reasonably resistant to creasing. In a way, bank notes behave more like fabric than paper when you fold them.

Although I’ve made this Baby Buggy from a one dollar bill, it can be made from just about any currency note that has sides with a rough ratio of 2:1, in other words, half a square. The only thing that changes is the length of the body of the buggy, or the length of the handle. As a dollar is quite a long shape, I folded the handle in half so that the proportions didn’t look odd. The finished model is about 7cm (just under 3in) long. It is a good idea to try making this from ordinary paper before moving onto using money.



Sara Adams has an excellent video showing how to make this model. As usual for the tutorials on her site, the video is clear, well explained and assume no prior knowledge of origami. There are diagrams for this and other bank note models designed by Dominik Meissner on his website. Please note that this site is in German, although it can be translated in a web browser. I’d encourage everyone to give this a go. Let me know how you get on – either by sending me an email, or posting a comment below.


Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day this weekend to all those American Mom’s out there!