Fish Base

Origami bases are often the starting point of models and projects. The Fish Base is one of a group of traditional bases that are used in both traditional and more modern origami design. It gets its name from the traditional origami fish that can be made from it. It is comprised of two long flaps joined to two short ones.

Completed Fish BaseFish Base Crease Pattern

The Fish Base is basically two rabbit ear folds next to each other, so although you are unlikely to see too many complete fish bases as elements in the crease patters of more complex models, you will certainly see a lot of rabbit ear folds so it is worthwhile being able to recognise the crease pattern for this. It is worthwhile everyone becoming familiar with it even when they are just starting out, so that as their skill level improves, they will be able to recognise and fold this common element in complicated designs. There are a large number of complicated models that have not been diagrammed, but crease patterns are available on the internet. Learning some of the ‘building blocks’ that make up these crease patterns when someone is just starting out will help them develop the confidence needed for recreating and folding these more complex models later.

1. Start with a piece of square paper, white side upA square of paper, white side up
2. Fold the paper in half diagonally and unfoldFold and unfold, diagonally
3. Fold the other diagonal and unfold Fold and unfold second diagonal
4. Fold two adjoining edges to the centre line to form a kite shape and unfoldFold the edges in to form a kite shape
5. Fold the other two adjoining edges to the centre line and unfoldFold the other edges in to form a kite shape
6. Form a rabbit ear on one side, using the folds made in the last two stepsForm a rabbit ear
7. Repeat the process on the other sideForm a rabbit ear on the other side
8. Turn the model overTurn the paper over
9. Fold the top flap downFold the top down
You have completed the Fish BaseCompleted Fish Base