Fox Mask

Today’s model, for day 10 of World Origami Days is another mask – a Fox Mask.

Like the Female Demon mask I posted about before, the Fox Mask is taken from the book Origami by Toyoaki Kawai.  As there is no designer listed for this model in the book, I assume it is their creation. The book is out of print, but there are a few copies on sale through either the Amazon UK orAmazon US sites for very little money. The British Origami Society also has a copy available for loan to society members.

This is quite a simple model. The base is slightly unusual as It is a bird base on one side and a preliminary fold on the other. ~The bird base side then forms the ears, and the preliminary base becomes the face. To make this base, start with a preliminary fold. Make the bird base on one side by petal folding as usual and then stop, instead of turning the paper over and petal folding the other side to complete the bird base. That should give you enough information to have a stab at making this model! It takes about ten minutes to make.

A square piece of any type of paper will do for this design, although it should ideally be brown on one side as it is supposed to be a fox, and a different colour on the back to give the eyes some contrast. I recommend ordinary 15cm x 15cm kami that is coloured on one side for this model, unless you are actually planning to use it as a mask, in which case you will need something considerably bigger!.  I’m not sure there is a lot to be gained by using expensive paper here as it is very much a representative model.  Using paper that tries to mimic a fox’s coat won’t really add to the finished mask, and may actually take something away from the stylised, angular design.

Difficulty: Simple
Time to fold: Ten minutes
Paper choice: Kami, coloured brown on one side