Traditional Sailboat

The Traditional Origami Sailboat is an elegant model that is simple to make.  This design is not 3D, so unlike the Sampan, I posted instructions for recently, it won’t float. Like most traditional origami, it can be folded out of just about any paper, although it looks best made from paper that is coloured differently on each side.  I have used Kami coloured on one side for the model pictured because I like the white sails against the coloured hull of the boat. The Traditional Sailboat is used as the logo for OrigamiUSA.

Difficulty: Simple
Paper: Any, best if it is a different colour on each side
Time to fold: Less than five minutes

Origami Sailboat Instructions

1. Start with a piece of paper, coloured side upPaper coloured side up
2. Fold one of the diagonals and unfoldFold the diagonal
3. Turn the paper overTurn the paper over
4. Fold top to bottom and unfoldFold top to bottom and unfold
5. Fold the left side to the right side and unfoldFold left to right and unfold
6. Fold two opposite corners to the centreFold two corners
7. Fold like a Preliminary fold: Bring the two folded sides together, with the two unfolded corners meeting in between the folded sidesBring the four 'corners' together
8. Fold one of the triangular flaps down to the bottom pointFold one flap down to the bottom
9. Fold the flap back up a bit lower down to make the sails different heightsFold the flap back up, a bit lower than the other side
10. Tuck the sail inside the bodyTuck the sail inside
11. Fold the bottom up to make a standFold the bottom point out to make a stand
12. You have completed the sailboatCompleted Sailboat