Completed Fancy Box

For Day 15 of World Origami Days 2015, I have made a traditional fancy origami box.

This is a very simple traditional model, and another one that is good to make with children.  It takes about five minutes to make, but actually looks like it takes a lot longer!

Any paper will do to make the Fancy Box, and kami is probably the best bet. Paper that is coloured differently on each side will give a nice effect on the decoration, as the picture shows.

Instructions are below.  Happy folding!

1. Start with a Blintz BaseCompleted Blintz Base
2. Turn the paper overTurn the paper over
3. Fold all corners into the centre to blintz againCorners to the centre
4. Like thisCorners to the centre
5. Fold the corners to the outside edgeFold corners out
6. Turn overTurn the paper over
7. Fold the corners to the outside edge on this side and unfoldFold corners out and unfold
8. Pleat the triangles up to the fold you just madePleat corners
9. Like thisPleats complete
10. Open up the centre at the same time as squeezing each corner in turnOpen model out
11. You have completed the Fancy BoxCompleted Fancy Box