Kasahara's Chick

Having planned to post something completely different today, I woke up this morning and realised that it is Good Friday today, so I should really put up something to do with Easter! With that in mind, today’s model is a Easter Chick, designed by Kuniko Kasahara.

This is an easy model that everyone should be able to make by following the video on the link below. It might be a fun thing to do with children over the Easter weekend – and it will take their minds off all that chocolate.


Folding the Chick

This model is derived from the Fish Base, with the two short points forming the tail, and the two longer points become the head and the beak by pleating once on the outside to make the head, and once on the inside to create the beak. It takes about five minutes to make from start to finish. Any paper will do, although yellow would probably work best, and for the best results it should be the same colour on both sides. I’ve used ordinary 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in) origami paper, or kami, white on one side and the white shows through on the head.



I folded this model using the video tutorial on Mica’s Paper Crafts’s YouTube Channel. The instructions are very clear and simple to follow. Give it a go – maybe not with chocolately fingers though!


Happy Easter everyone!