Female Demon

This model is called a Female Demon, although for the life of me I can’t see what’s supposed to be feminine about it! The diagrams are available in the book Origami by Toyoaki Kawai, so I assume they created this design as well.  The book is out of print, but there are a few copies on sale through either the Amazon UK or Amazon US sites for very little money.  The British Origami Society also has a copy available for loan to society members.

It’s quite a simple model, folded from a Bird Base.  You can use just about any sort of paper to fold this because it’s so simple, although I’d recommend a paper that is coloured differently on each side to make sure the mouth stands out well.  I tend not to use Kami for designs which are supposed to represent a living thing because I think this paper can look quite lifeless.  For this model I’ve stuck two different coloured sheets of lokta together which gives it the organic feel I was looking for.  You can fold this model in five to ten minutes.

Difficulty: Simple
Paper: Any, two coloured is recommended
Time to fold: ten minutes