Traditional Cup


The traditional origami cup is about as simple as it gets, so it is a great origami model for beginners or children!  There are only seven folds in the origami cup instructions. It is a bit of a test of your folding accuracy though. If you’re reasonably accurate you can actually use it & drink out of it without water pouring out of the bottom. Probably only once or twice before the paper gets too wet and falls to bits.

You can use just about any paper for this one, although something reasonably robust might be a good idea if you don’t want the cup to collapse into a soggy pulp as soon as you put water in it. Paper that is coloured differently on each side isn’t necessary, but I think makes the cup look more interesting.  This model takes only a minute or two to make.


My advice  Fold slowly, drink quickly.


Difficulty: Very simple
Paper: Any
Time to fold: less than five minutes

Origami Cup Diagrams

1. Start with a square piece of paper, white side upA square of paper, white side up
2. Fold in half along one diagonalFold along one diagonal
3. Fold the raw edge to the centre fold and just make a pinch at one endMake a pinch along one side
4. Fold the corner up to the pinch you just madeFold the corner to the pinch
5. Fold the other corner up to match the fold created in the last stepFold second point up
6. Fold the top corner downFold the top point down
7. Turn the paper overTurn the paper over
8. Fold the top corner down on this side as wellFold the point down on this side as well
9. push in at the bottom slightly while opening out the top to make the model 3D and form the cupPush the bottom and open the top
10. You have completed the Traditional Cup.

Feeling thirsty?
Completed Cup

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