Hello, I'm Russell

Welcome to my world of origami! With over 30 years of experience, I have a passion for folding paper models that capture the essence of the subject. My website features a variety of my favourite models and much more. I've also authored a beginner-friendly book, Origami Made Simple, which includes traditional designs and my own creations. My hope is to share the joy of origami with others and inspire them to find their own enjoyment in folding paper.

Get My Book - Origami Made Simple

This is an origami book aimed at the absolute beginner or those that like folding easy origami designs. You will fold 40 different models by following diagrams with written instructions, which are as jargon-free as possible. The book progresses in difficulty with each chapter, starting at 10 steps or less, up to a maximum of 25 steps.

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Russell Wood with Origami Made Simple Book and Origami models

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