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Intermediate Level Origami for those who’ve found their ‘Sea Legs’

If you’ve got the hang of beginner and traditional origami and you’re looking to stretch yourself a bit or you’ve been doing origami for a little while and you want something interesting and challenging to fold that isn’t crazy hard, this is your page.

Note: Sometimes intermediate level is also referred to as medium or moderate difficulty.

It’s difficult to classify what is meant by ‘intermediate level origami’ as it doesn’t really have a neat definition. It’s only really defined as what it isn’t: a model that’s too hard to be simple, but not difficult enough to be thought of as ‘complex’ or ‘advanced’. That’s quite a broad scope!

With that in mind, this page is divided into two galleries:

Low Intermediate Level Origami Models

This is for people who are familiar with the basic moves and bases in origami. They can fold a traditional crane and are looking for the next step in their origami journey. These models will introduce the odd crimp, pleat or swivel fold.

High Intermediate Origami Models

Models for the more experienced folder looking to fold something reasonably challenging. These models will use a wide range of bases and techniques and require reasonably accurate folding to pull off effectively. This includes a lot of box-pleated models. Some really interesting creative origami happens in this space –imaginative designs that are really impactful with strong ‘clean lines’ without a slavish attention to detail.

Once you have mastered these, you can move on to more advanced origami models.

Low Intermediate Origami Gallery

High Intermediate Level Origami Gallery

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