Traditional Origami Shirt

Completed Shirt

The model for day 4 of World Origami Days 2015 is the Traditional Origami Shirt. This is an extremely easy model with no difficult steps at all – no reverse folds, or even mountain folds.  Ordinary, simple valley folds all the way! As a result it is very good for making with children.  They might like decorating the shirt with the name of their favourite football team, band, or film.  The shirt only takes a few minutes to fold.

This is the first model included on this blog that doesn’t use a square piece of paper.  The traditional shirt needs rectangular paper,  although it is pretty flexible what proportion of rectangle to use. The longer the rectangle, the longer the shirt will be.  The shirt in the picture above was made out of half a piece of kami. Letter paper works well for people in the US, or A4 for those in the UK.  A currency note is also a good size. As it is such a simple model, just about any type of paper will do.

Difficulty: Very simple
Time to fold: Less than five minutes
Paper: Any rectangular piece of paper

Origami Shirt Instructions

1. Start with a rectangular piece of paper Rectangular piece of paper
2. Fold the paper in half and unfoldFold in half and unfold
3. Fold the edges to the centre Fold the edges to the centre line
4. Fold the top corners out at an angle. This forms the shirt sleevesFold the top corners out
5. This is the resultSleeves folded
6. Turn the model over from top to bottomTurn the paper over
Fold the top down a little. This will be the 7. bsize of the collarFold the top down to form the collar
8. Turn the model over againTurn the paper over
9. Fold the bottom up and tuck it under the collar to complete the shirtst arms up
10 The completed shirtCompleted Shirt

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I’d love to hear your views on this origami shirt or any other traditional origami models.  Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below, or you find can me on Instagram or Twitter. Check out my Pinterest boards too!

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