Hippocampus by Roman Diaz

The Hippocampus is a creature from Greek mythology – a kind of ‘seahorse with legs’. This Origami Hippocampus model, designed by Roman Diaz is one of my favourites.  It’s spectacular, graceful, and the fins and tail give it a real sense of the sea.

The instructions recommend this model is folded from paper that is coloured differently on each side, and I have seen several models online that have been folded this way.  I personally think it looks better folded from only one colour.  The colour change seems to take away from the real strength of this model, which is its shape and the waves around the neck and tail.

I have folded this one out of Elephant Hide paper. It is possible to make it out of Kami, but it doesn’t do the model justice.  It could look very good made out of pearlescent paper, which would shimmer in the light and add to that ‘sense of the sea’. Wet-folding the model during final shaping would help form the fins, although I haven’t done on this occasion.

If you want to fold this model, the diagrams are in Diaz’s book Origami for Interpreters, which is available from Origami Shop on this link. I will be writing a review of this book in a forthcoming post.