It’s Halloween, so today’s post for day 8 of World Origami Days 2015 is Quentin Trollip’s Skull.

This is the second model I have posted from Quentin Trollip’s book Origami Sequence, the other was the Little Mermaid. It’s a fun design to fold – the sequence is easy to follow and doesn’t have any of the more obscure folds needed for the Mermaid!  It’s an intermediate level model and takes about 45 – 50 minutes to make.

This model would make quite a good halloween decoration. You could make a very large version of this and attach a piece of string to the back to hang on the wall, or on the front door!

Trollip recommends folding this out of foil paper, at least 30cm x 30cm (11in x 11in), although he believes using kami would achieve an acceptable result.  I agree with his suggestion. I made this one out of a 24cm square of silver gift wrap paper, backed with some black Kami as I wanted to give it a more eerie look than just standard black and white.  I was aiming for something that looked vaguely metallic, almost like the Terminator from the films.  I’m not sure I succeeded in this – next time I’ll just stick to black and white! The paper I used was really a bit thick and a bit small & this shows in the model’s finish.

Origami Sequence is available from Origami Shop in either ebook or paperback.


Happy Halloween!


Difficulty: Intermediate:
Time to fold: 45-50 minutes
Paper: Foil paper.  Kami is ok