Origami Skull, by Quentin Trollip

Origami Skull

It’s Halloween, so today’s post for day 8 of World Origami Days 2015 is Quentin Trollip’s Origami Skull.

This is the second model I have posted from Quentin Trollip’s book Origami Sequence, the other was the Little Mermaid.  (Since I did this blog post, I have also folded his origami watch.) It’s a fun design to fold – the sequence is easy to follow and doesn’t have any of the more obscure folds needed for the Mermaid!  It’s an intermediate level model and takes about 45 – 50 minutes to make.

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About the Origami Skull

This origami skull model would make quite a good Halloween decoration. You could make a very large version of this and attach a piece of string to the back to hang on the wall, or on the front door!  Click here to check out more Origami for Halloween ideas.

Trollip recommends folding the origami skull out of foil paper, at least 30cm x 30cm (11in x 11in), although he believes using kami would achieve an acceptable result.  I agree with his suggestion. I made this one out of a 24cm square of silver gift wrap paper, backed with some black Kami as I wanted to give it a more eerie look than just standard black and white.

I was aiming for something that looked vaguely metallic, almost like the Terminator from the films.  I’m not sure I succeeded in this – next time I’ll just stick to black and white! The paper I used was really a bit thick and a bit small and this shows in the model’s finish.

If you liked this model, you might also enjoy folding this origami skeleton or these origami skeleton hands.

Origami Skull Instructions

The origami skull diagrams can be found in Origami Sequence which is available from The Origami Shop in either e-book or Paperback.

Difficulty: Intermediate:
Time to fold: 45-50 minutes
Paper: Foil paper.  Kami is ok

Happy Halloween!

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