Christmas Shopping OnlineToday is Cyber Monday and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d put together some suggestions for what to get the origami-lover in your life! There are two lists below.  One is aimed at people of all ages and there should be something to suit most budgets and levels of folding ability. The second contains suggestions for children who are just starting in origami.  These are books and kits with simple models that would make a good introduction to origami.

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General suggestions for Origami gifts


Origami Kit for Dummies, Nick Robinson.  Ability: Beginner

This is a very good starter kit for someone that has done no origami. There is a good range of models (75 in all), many of which are simple, but some are slightly more challenging so the reader can progress their ability. The kit comes with 25 pieces of origami paper.


Box of Origami Paper, 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in), 500 sheets, mixed colours.   Ability: Any

This is standard origami paper, or kami. It is white on one side.  Kami is available from anywhere, but what I like about this is the clear acrylic box the paper comes in.  As well as preventing the paper from getting creased in the corners, as the paper gets used it makes a handy portable storage case for doing origami when travelling, as it will hold both paper and completed models.

British Origami Supplies: £16


Animal Origami for the Enthusiast, John Montroll.  Ability: Intermediate

This is an absolute classic, and a must for everyone’s origami collection.  It’s not a new book – it’s been around since 1985 – but this is a testament to the book’s popularity and Montroll’s position among origami designers. There are 25 models in the book.





Origami Paper Discovery Pack. Ability: AnyPapers Discovery Pack

This is a fantastic selection of different papers of varying sizes for use in origami models. There are 30 different sheets in this pack.

Check price and availability on Origami Shop


Works of Hideo Komatsu, Hideo Komatsu.   Ability: Advanced

Works of Hideo KomatsuI have to declare a slight bias here: I love Komatsu’s models – hint, hint Santa! This book is in both Japanese and English. It contains 20 complex models.

Check price and availability for the book on Origami Shop

Check the price and availability for the book and a pack of 45 sheets of paper appropriate for folding the models on Origami Shop


Subscription to Tanteidan Magazine. Japan Origami Academic Society.  Ability: Advanced

Tanteidan magazine is aimed at the skilled folder. Each issue contains diagrams (usually for a complex model), a crease pattern and a range of essays around the subject of origami.  One not to miss for the serious origami enthusiast.

Check JOAS website for current prices


Membership of the British Origami Society.  Ability: AnyBritish Origami Society Logo

The BOS publishes a bi-monthly magazine and arranges conventions and mini-meetings around the country. They have a good supplies shop and an excellent library. Click to read my reviews of the BOS Autumn Convention and the London Mini-Meeting, November 2015

Various grades of membership available, including:

Check BOS website for current prices


Membership of OrigamiUSA.  Ability: AnyOrigamiUSA

The origami society for the United States of America. They have a very good magazine shop, and resources. They organise conventions and a range of informal folding sessions.

Various grades of membership. Including:

Check OrigamiUSA website for current prices


Passion Origami Collection.  Ability: Intermediate to advanced

This is a collection of eight books produced by Nicolas Terry of They are in ebook format. All Passion Origami books look stunning – to my mind Nicolas Terry has set a new benchmark in how origami books should be presented. There is a wide range of models here from several designers, including Roman Diaz (my personal favourite), Quentin Trollip, and the Vietnam Origami Group.  These books are aimed at the intermediate to advanced folder. The collection is not cheap, but frankly it is worth every euro, dollar or pound spent.

Check Origami Shop for current price and availability


Origami Gift Recommendations for Children


Origami Bugs Kit, Michael Lafosse & Richard Alexander.

This is a kit containing 2 booklets, covering 20 projects to make. 96 sheets of origami paper are included, preprinted with patterns appropriate for these models. It is a similar kit to Lafosse & Alexander’s Butterfly Kit, which I reviewed previously.


Origami on the Go: 40 Paperfolding Projects for Kids who Love to Travel. 

This is a really interesting book as it focuses in models from around the world, but also different parts of the world where these models come from.  There are 100 sheets of paper included with the pack. Models are accessible from 8 years and up.


White Swan Golden Venture Origami Kit.  Golden Venture Swan Kit

Golden Venture refers to a type of origami design that uses lots of identical modules arranged to make the model. Golden Venture designs always use the same type of module. The individual modules are easy to fold and slot together to make the final model. That makes this type of origami ideal for beginners or children. There are many different designs available, but this White Swan is a classic model.

Check Origami Shop for current price and availability


Origami 365.

One of the popular hashtags on Instagram related to origami is #origami365 – the idea is to fold one model a day for a whole year. This kit contains instructions for 12 different models and 365 sheets of paper – one for each day. This looks like a perfect Christmas present for someone that is either just starting out in origami, or might like to do so.


Fashion Origami Kit.  

This kit contains instructions and paper for making a range of origami models related to fashion and clothing, such as a shirt, a tie, a dress, high-heeled shoes and boots. The models are easy to make and of a consistent standard throughout.



Animated Origami Kit.

This kit contains the instructions and paper for making a range of origami models that will perform some sort of action when pulled or pushed in the right way, for example birds that flap their wings or peck, to frogs that jump, or mouths that snap shut.  100 sheets of paper included. All the models are easy to make.


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