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This year, Christmas will be celebrated on 25 December. I only mention that because if you’re anything like me, Christmas seems to take you by surprise most years. I’ve put together some suggested gifts for the origami lovers in your life. Hopefully, these origami gift ideas will leave you with one less thing to worry about as we get to the last page in the calendar.

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Origami Gifts for Children

Both of these kits are ideal for children looking to get started in origami. They are aimed at 7 year olds, but I have seen some amazing origami done by kids as young as eight, so I wouldn’t be shy of introducing them to a six year old – although they will need a lot of help.  There are 20 simple origami projects in each kit






Origami Gift Ideas for Beginners

Simple Origami: As featured in the Herald

This is a booklet of easy models that were featured in a local newspaper, put together by Penny Groom. It is produced by the British Origami Society. 

Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)

There are many different books available for beginners, but I keep coming back to this one as one of the best origami gifts for beginners. It is written by one of the most prolific origami designers there is, and includes several traditional models that have been around for so long because they are easy to make!

Good Origami Gifts for Intermediate Folders

Origami to Astonish and Amuse

This book is a good origami Christmas gift for intermediate folders. Jeremy Shafer is known for his whimsical approach to origami design and this book contains classics such as The Invisible Duck, and The Unfortunate Bunjee Jumper and The Man Swatter.

Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art, Second Edition

This is a must-have for anyone who is looking to go beyond the simple stuff and try something challenging. As I’ve got two copies of this! As well as detailed explanations of design techniques, there are diagrams for 26 amazing models.

The Origami of Neal Elias

Dave Venables has been curating and publishing Neal Elias’s works through the British Origami Society for many years and this is the culmination of those efforts.  I’ve featured several of Neal Elias’s designs on this blog including the Last Waltz. If, like me, you like Elias’s models, you’ll love this book.


Origami Presents for Advanced Folders

Spiral Origami Art Design by Tomoko Fuse

SPIRAL Origami Art Design

This beautiful book is an exploration of Tomoko Fuse’s spiral designs.  I’ve been meaning to get a copy of this book myself for a couple of years now. It’s definitely on my Christmas list this year. Click the picture to check availability and prices.

Origami Nature Study (Preorder) by Kato Shuki

#9 Origami Nature Study [Pre-order + Free Unpublished Diagram]Number 9 in the Passion Origami series, this book is set to be published in early December 2017 so time is tight for this book to be received in time for Christmas.  I’ve included it here though as it’s the latest book in the Passion Origami series, and if you get it on pre-order, it comes with a free unpublished diagram.  As with all books in this series, the designs are challenging and the quality of the book looks to be first class.Click the picture to check availability and prices.



Origami Christmas Gifts for Any Ability

Origami Paper

Everyone that enjoys origami gets through quite a lot of origami paper! There is a huge range of origami paper packs of paper available, but the quality does vary. The colour is painted on some cheap papers and can come off some papers when it’s folded. This leads to unsightly white lines across the final model, which is disappointing. I tend to like the packs made by Folded Square as the paper quality is slightly better and the colour doesn’t come off as easily. Folded Square’s boxes look attractive as well, so they make good origami gifts. The options below include 100 and 200 sheet boxes of either plain colours or patterned paper.

Cutting Board, Craft Knife, Metal Ruler

I recommend this every year, and every year someone asks me why I’m suggesting something for cutting as an origami present! Sometimes you have to cut the paper to size, and sometimes paper needs to be trimmed to make sure it is a precise square. It’s much easier to cut a straight line with a craft knife and a metal ruler than it is with a pair of scissors and you need the board so you don’t damage the table underneath.  A big board is good, so that you don’t end up buying another one later.  Just slide behind the sofa when you’re not using it.




Origami Memberships and Subscriptions

The British Origami Society

British Origami Society LogoThe BOS publishes a bi-monthly magazine and has two conventions a year, as well as mini-meetings around the country. They held their 50th Convention in Stratford in September! They have a good supplies shop and a library. Click to read my reviews of the BOS 50th Anniversary Convention and the London Mini-Meeting, November 2015. Various grades of membership are available from their website, including international membership options. Click to check the BOS website for current prices.


This is the origami society for the United States of America. TheOrigamiUSAy have a very good magazine shop, and resources. They organise conventions, sponsor the Origami Christmas Tree at the Natural History Museum, and a range of informal folding sessions. OrigamiUSA also has a range of membership options, including international packages. I am also a member of OrigamiUSA. Check to check the OrigamiUSA website for current prices.


Gifts for the Origami Lover that has Everything

Origami Calendar

Many people make a resolution to do origami everyday.  Sometimes you need some origami inspiration, so having a calendar with a different origami idea each day is helpful.


Origami Crane Necklace

Origami is becoming more and more stylish! You now see it in tattoos and jewelry!

Origami Journal

Like I have mentioned before on this blog, origami is great to help you improve your mindfulness.  Journaling also helps mindfulness, so why not put the two together.

Origami Expressions Designed Products

Of course, I have to take this  opportunity to announce that I have turned some of my origami art into products through the website RedBubble.





You can find more of my products here.

If you would like some more ideas, you can also check out my Christmas recommendations from 2016 or 2015.  What is on your Origami Christmas Gift List?

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