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The three phrases which sum up Christmas are: ‘Peace on Earth’, ‘good will to all men’, and ‘batteries not included’.


With Christmas just around the corner, you might be thinking what to get for the origami enthusiast in your life – or yourself! With that in mind, here’s are some suggestions for origami Christmas presents for 2016. This list is of course, not exhaustive! There are far more interesting options out there than can possibly be covered on one web page, but hopefully it will give you a few ideas.

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A couple of words of warning – buy early! Some of these products from Amazon do sell out, and delivery lead times from the origami-shop can be several days.


Origami ‘Stocking Fillers’


1000 cranes box

Almost everyone that enjoys origami is familiar with the story of Sadako & the thousand cranes, and most of them have considered making their own 1000 cranes at some point. These boxes contain a thousand patterned pieces of paper in a variety of colours. Maybe this could be someone’s New Year’s Resolution?


Paper Cutter

BOS Paper Cutter "" - Suggested Origami Christmas Presents 2016This is a useful little gadget! It’s a quick and easy way of cutting a straight line (eg to cut a square, or divide a large square sheet into 4 smaller ones). It is child-friendly and travel safe. You can even attach it to a key ring and put it in your pocket with your car keys without risking an uncomfortable accident. I’ve got several of these lying around – some of which I’ve had for years.

Check price on British Origami Society Supplies Site


Origami Christmas Presents for Any Ability


Pack of Origami Paper

Just about anyone that does origami uses this – even if it’s just to practice with. You can never have too much origami paper! Except orange. Honestly, what do the manufacturers think we are doing with all the orange paper in these boxes? There are only so many pumpkins you can fold!

Origami paper comes in several different sizes, but the most common is 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in). It can be coloured on one side and white on the other, coloured the same on both sides, or different colours on each side. It can be patterned or plain. If you’re buying as a gift, I’d recommend either getting paper that has a traditional Japanese pattern, or is plain and coloured on one side


Cutting Board & Craft Knife

Cutting Board "" - - Suggested Origami Christmas Presents 2016What?! Cutting in Origami?! Yes you did read that right. I mentioned cutting on an origami board. Not every sheet of paper is exactly square, and not always the right size. Unless you want to run the risk of gouging a hole in Granny’s finest mahogany dining table, buy a cutting board. The bigger the better. A cutting board also makes a good folding surface.

A2 size cutting board from
24in x 18in cutting board from

Craft Knife "" - - Suggested Origami Christmas Presents 2016You’re never going to get a perfectly straight line with scissors, and rotary cutters can fray the edges a bit. You’re better off with a craft knife. Disposable ones will do, and you can get a pack of these pretty cheaply.

Pack of 3 disposable craft knives from
Pack of 10 disposable craft knives from


Origami Society Memberships

BOS Logo "" - - Suggested Origami Christmas Presents 2016OrigamiUSA Logo "" - - Suggested Origami Christmas Presents 2016Anyone that does origami will benefit from membership of an origami society.  Both the British Origami Society and OrigamiUSA have a range of membership packages & benefits which would make excellent Christmas presents. Attending a Convention or a Mini-Meeting is a good way of developing origami skills and making new friends:

British Origami Society membership page
OrigamiUSA membership page


Presents for the Beginner


Easy Origami by John Montroll

John Montroll is one of the best known origami designers in the world, so one of his books is a good place to start when exploring origami. This cheap book contains 30+ simple designs that should be accessible by anybody


Origami Christmas Presents for the Intermediate Folder


Origami Ninjas and other Paper Sorcery by Paul Hanson

Regular readers of this blog will know that I gave away a copy of this book earlier this year.  Origami Ninjas contains a range of Paul’s designs that are not available anywhere else.


Origami Christmas Presents for the Advanced Folder


The Passion Origami Collection

Spirits of Origami by Gen Hagiawa "" - - Suggested Origami Christmas Presents 2016I have said on this blog before that I believe origami books should look appealing. Origami is a visual art that uses paper as a medium and books about it should therefore look and feel inspiring. Nicolas Terry’s Passion Origami series of books have led the way in this.  The quality is first class and any of the eight books in the collection would make excellent presents. The latest in the series is Spirits of Origami by Gen Hagiawa

Check Origami Shop for current price and availability


That’s a few suggestions for origami presents that could interest someone after Christmas dinner – and no batteries needed!  You can also see my origami 2015 Christmas gift list for more ideas.  If you choose to buy an origami present for someone, just remember to include a note with a link to as well.


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